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Sidhartha Soap


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Wash your face twice daily with Siddharta Soap. Work up a lather by rubbing the soap between wet palms. Read More

Sidhartha Soap is enriched with the renowned and time-tested Herbal formulation. Read More



Why should you buy?

Sidhartha Soap is a natural skincare solution enriched with a powerful blend of herbs renowned for their skin-enhancing properties. By investing in Sidhartha Soap, you’re choosing a product designed to reduce dark spots, pigmentation marks, blemishes, and patches, leaving your skin supple, radiant, and youthful. Its unique anti-bacterial properties promote a healthy, glowing complexion naturally. With its herbal formulation stimulating circulation and eliminating toxins, this soap not only cleanses but also nurtures your skin from within. Experience the confidence of having skin that feels smooth, looks radiant, and exudes a youthful glow. Choose Sidhartha Soap for a revitalizing bathing experience that promotes skin health and enhances your natural beauty.


Sidhartha Soap contains:
Sidharthaka Snana Choorna Extract.

How to use

Wet body and face, apply generously and rinse.


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