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Sober Up Squad Gummies


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Sober Up Squad Gummies are a specially formulated herbal supplement designed to prevent hangovers and support overall well-being.Read More

Sober Up Squad is a unique herbal formulation that helps to prevent hangover. Read More



Why should you buy?

Prevents hangovers: Sober Up Squad Gummies are specifically designed to help prevent hangovers, allowing you to enjoy your evening without the unpleasant aftereffects.

Boosts instant energy: The fiber and iron content in the gummies provide an instant energy boost, helping to combat fatigue and sluggishness.

Detoxifies and protects the liver: The combination of chitraka and kalamegha supports the liver’s detoxification process, preventing acetaldehyde build-up and safeguarding liver cells from damage caused by alcohol consumption.

Controls headache and nausea: The inclusion of Daksha in the gummies helps control headaches and nausea, providing relief from hangover symptoms.

Induces a fresh feeling in the morning: Madhuka Pushpa contributes to a rejuvenated feeling in the morning, helping you start the day with a refreshed state of mind.


Fiber: Rich in fiber, the gummies offer digestive support and help regulate bowel movements.

Iron: The presence of iron provides an instant energy boost, combating fatigue and promoting overall well-being.

Chitraka and Kalamegha: These herbal ingredients aid in preventing acetaldehyde build-up in the liver, supporting detoxification, and protecting liver cells from damage caused by alcohol.

Daksha: Known for its ability to alleviate headaches and nausea, Daksha helps control hangover symptoms.

Madhuka Pushpa: This ingredient induces a fresh feeling in the morning, helping you wake up with a rejuvenated state of mind.

How to use

Take two Sober Up Squad Gummies before consuming alcohol or at the end of a night of drinking. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. It is recommended to take them with water for optimal effectiveness. Remember, while the gummies may help prevent hangovers, responsible drinking and moderation are still important.


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